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Visiting the MyCanadian Pharmacy web site you are encouraged tocarefully read the information provided. This includes certain information about services offered which may have separate privacy and security information.

MyCanadian Pharmacy recognizes the right toconfidentiality ofevery individual who visits our web site and completely maintains this right. This Privacy Policy outlines the information MyCanadian Pharmacy will collect and how that information will beused. Italso provides information onthe security means which are used toprotect that information.

Personal Information

MyCanadian Pharmacy isdedicated tomaintaining all customers privacy. All information collected online isstrictly, professionally and exclusively used bythe MyCanadian Pharmacy toappropriately care and manage all individuals.

When you visit our web site wewill not collect your personal data such asyour name, e-mail address, mailing address, billing data, telephone number etc. unless you provide ittousvoluntarily. Wealso will never collect any personal information from you revealing racial orethnic origin, political opinions, religious orphilosophical beliefs, trade union membership, ordetails ofhealth, disability orsexual activity ororientation.

When you order from MyCanadian Pharmacy you have tofill inthe form which includes your name, e-mail address, mailing address, telephone number, credit card number and expiration date and some other information tocomplete the ordering process. MyCanadian Pharmacy does not give, rent, loan orsell any ofthis information toany third party. The personal information that you provide to MyCanadian Pharmacy when ordering products via our web site isused only for identification purposes and serves toassist you toreceive your orders quickly and easily.

Personal Information Security

MyCanadian Pharmacy treats your personal information (including credit card data) with the highest level ofsecurity. Weuse aSecure Socket Layer (SSL) Technology. This isthe most advanced form ofsecurity for transactions over the Internet. Itmeans that when you place anorder online your personal information isencrypted using SSL encryption technology before being sent over the Internet. Itmakes itvirtually impossible for your credit card details tobeintercepted orstolen while being transmitted toour server. Your personal information isalways stored inencrypted form inasecure database toprevent theft.

The challenge ofall web privacy and security codes are constantly changing. MyCanadian Pharmacy will always remain up-to-date with the use offire walls and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology tohelp insure that your information isprotected and private.

MyCanadian Pharmacy limits all staff and employees access topatient information through strict security codes. All staff and employees are oriented tosecurity and privacy policies and are updated regularly. Private password access tovarious areas ofinformation, purchases and all correspondents isstrictly enforced and continuously monitored.

Secure yourself

Remember toclose your browser when you have finished your user session. This istoensure that others cannot access your personal information and correspondence ifyou share acomputer with someone else orare using acomputer inapublic place like alibrary orinternet cafe. You asanindividual are responsible for the security ofand access toyour own computer.

Be also aware that whenever you voluntarily disclose personal information over the internet (for example: indiscussion forums, via e-mail, orinchat sites) that this information can beintercepted orcollected and used byothers.

How toContact Us

If you have any questions concerning this Privacy Policy, please, use the Customer Service page.

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