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Stop Smoking

  • Chantix
    Chantix as low as $4.44
    Chantix is used to treat smoking addiction.
  • Zyban
    Zyban as low as $2.76
    Zyban is one of the most prescribed medicines which helps reduce your urge to smoke and can make quitting bearable.
  • Smoking Everywhere Electronic Cigarette
    Smoking Everywhere Electronic Cigarette as low as $75.00
    Smoking Everywhere Electronic Cigarette is a new product beneficial for both regular smokers and those willing to quit, and also those who don't want to be exposed to somebody else's cigarette smoke or inadvertently harm non-smokers around.
  • Smok-OX
    Smok-OX as low as $45.00
    Smok-OX is a natural herbal supplement effective in helping smokers to quit.
  • Nicorette Gum
    Nicorette Gum as low as $7.50
    Nicorette Gum helps to relieve cravings and quit smoking completely.
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