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Coral Calcium is a salt of calcium derived from fossilized coral reefs. It is a source of calcium, an essential mineral for human life.

Okinawan Coral Calcium contains an alkaline form of calcium that supports the body's pH (potential hydrogen) balance to promote tissue health. Coral calcium promotes healthy oxygen levels in the body to help maintain immune system function and promote waste removal. This advanced Calcium formula contains an organic composition very similar to that of the human skeleton, and includes calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and other trace minerals essential to good health.

Calcium supports the alkalinity of the fluid that surrounds your cells. An alkaline, versus acidic environment is believed to be one of the major factor in tissue health, aging and immune strength. Maintaining an alkaline pH is critical to cellular health, and if your body's pH is not balanced, you cannot effectively assimilate vitamins and minerals.

Scientists have also discovered that low levels of oxygen can disrupt the body's ability to function normally and can harm the immune system. Coral Calcium promotes healthy oxygen levels in the body, thereby helping the body to process and remove toxic waste that may build up.

As it is highly absorbable, Coral Calcium provides maximum benefits for your overall health.

One bottle contains 60 coral calcium capsules.

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